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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Advancing Guitarist

Just Released! The Advancing Guitarist

I just found out that the GuitarCoaching released “The Advancing Guitarist”, the follow up course to Express Guitar. You can now take a course from beginner learning to play guitar all the way to advanced learning. If you feel you are ready to know more, play better, expand your skills and repertoire, then this advanced guitar playing course is for you. You will learn about harmony, melody, rhythm, form, intervals, theory, ear training, technique, and more.
In addition, the course includes how to read music over the entire fretboard, how to play monster guitar solos, powerful rhythm guitar parts and strong bass lines as well as how to quickly master every note with sonic shapes. As usual, GuitarCoaching back their product wit a full 100% money back guarantee and several great bonuses.