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Monday, February 27, 2006

Learn To Play Guitar

Welcome to my learn to play guitar blog.
Playing a musical instrument is a great way to express yourself, have lots of fun and entertain others. Well, hopefully it will be entertaining for others :-)
That is where this blog comes in. Have you ever watched someone play the guitar and you wished you could play that well? You can! Just about everybody can learn how to play the guitar. How well you end up playing, will depend on your commitment to practice, your teacher, and somewhat on your natural talent.
Some people can teach themselves on how to play the guitar, simply by trying, buying music sheets, watching others. I would assert that you have to have a natural talent for all things music to be able to teach yourself on how to play an instrument at any level of proficiency.
Most of us require some help, either a personal teacher or through books, videos, audios. Check the yellow pages in your neighborhood or ask someone if they can recommend a good teacher. Fees for a good teacher range anywhere from $15-$30 per 30 minutes. And you will most likely have to drive to their home or the local music store.
As an alternative, you can now have access to many different programs that are available over the internet. These programs can be ebooks, videos, audios or a combination. This blog is intended to help you find a program that is suitable for you, and to also provide you with other bits of information that can help you learn to play the guitar, maybe find a band you can play in, where to find sheets of music, etc.
Looking forward to hearing you play!


Blogger Nick Andrew said...

I went through your blog, you have portrayed artistic work in a really new and dynamic style.
you have done a great job. i thank you.

Nick Andrew

4:01 AM

Blogger Angela said...

Thanks for this informative blog, I learned so many things, thanks again.

I actually undergo guitar lesson and I also used instructional dvds for my lesson, its great and very helpful.

Thanks again.

6:14 PM


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